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Statement of the California Republican Party Executive Director Cynthia Bryant on the September 26 Debate

By netboots, on Sep 27, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

"On the debate stage last night Hillary Clinton continued to push President Obama's progressive agenda of the past eight years.

CAGOP Weekly Wrap Up: Chairman Ed Royce’s bill to block ransoms to Iran passes the house, Tax measures on your local CA ballot in November could add $BILLIONS to what we already pay,and MORE!

By netboots, on Sep 23, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

CRP Staff | September 23, 2016

Last night the House of Representatives passed Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce’s (R-CA) Prohibiting Future Ransom Payments to Iran Act (H.R. 5931). The legislation prohibits future cash payments to Iran – period. Read the Foreign Affairs Committee press release here.

Where Democrat Priorities Lead: Local Tax Measures on This Year’s Ballot Could Add Billions to What Californians Already Pay in State and Local Taxes Each Year

By netboots, on Sep 21, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

Even with the largest budget on record, California cities and counties feel the need to ask for billions in additional taxes this year due to the majority party’s priorities. Meaning that the Democrat majority has again, failed to address the vital needs in communities across our state.  

Statement of the California Republican Party Executive Director Cynthia Bryant on This Weekend’s Terrorist Attacks

By netboots, on Sep 19, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

“It’s times like these that remind us of the bravery, courage, and selflessness of our law enforcement and first responders. These are the people that run toward danger, that sacrifice their own safety to protect the safety of others. Today, we send our prayers to those affected by this weekend’s terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, & Minnesota.”

CAGOP Weekly Wrap Up: College Republicans are political superheroes in disguise, #CAGOP Leadership files FOIA request re: the FBI’s investigation into Babulal Bera, US confirms Guantanamo inmates have rejoined terrorist groups, and more!

By netboots, on Sep 16, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

CRP Staff | September 16, 2016

There is no way (it would literally be impossible) to do what we do without the efforts of College Republicans from across the state. CRs will be launching their Triple Threat statewide deployment in just a few weekends as they walk to protect the triple overlap in Santa Clarita Valley. 

Reimagine an Open California

By netboots, on Sep 12, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

The tunnel vision that ushers strangling regulations into law is one of the biggest flaws in the Democrats legislation. People and businesses WANT to be in California – they are willing to make cuts, restructure, and work hard to continue to be a part of the Golden State. So why do the Democrats insist on tightening the reigns and squeezing people until they just can’t make it work anymore? 

CAGOP Weekly Wrap Up: What’s worse than a $400 million cash ransom to Iran? A $1BILLION + cash ransom to Iran, the House voted to protect sexual assault survivors this week, the majority party in California are keeping their heads in the clouds and more!

By netboots, on Sep 9, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

CRP Staff | September 9, 2016

As Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman @RepEdRoyce stated, ’What on earth was the White House thinking?  Sending the worlds leading state sponsor of terror pallets of untraceable cash isnt just terrible policy.  Its incredibly reckless, and it only puts bigger targets on the backs of Americans.’ Read his full statement here.

Time for the Voters to Take Control

By netboots, on Sep 2, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

California has long been known for it’s sunny disposition, from the skies to the people, but there is one place in our state that the sun doesn’t shine – in the California Legislature.

The Reality of Prop 57

By netboots, on Aug 24, 2016

[Source: California Republican Party News]

Governor Brown has a proposition on the November ballot that will  let career criminals and repeat offenders get out on parole with years or even decades off of their sentence. Supporters of Proposition 57 are trying to sell this as realignment of “non-violent “criminals, but really it would ease punishment for criminals convicted of rape by intoxication, rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence - just to name a few