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If you want to be an integral part of the conservative movement in Kings County California, you will find camaraderie and commitment in your local Republican Party. Like you, we are concerned about our community, our state, and our nation.

You will find the Republican Party of Kings County is an engaged and active force for conservative values in Central California. 

Here are just a few of the things you can do to help our state and country ...

  • Help with Thursday Night Market Booth
    (spring — fall)
  • Precinct Walk
  • Man Phone Banks
  • Staff Headquarters
  • Help with Mailings
  • Poll Watch on Election Day
  • Make a Generous Donation

  • News & Updates

    Sacramento Democrats Power Grab: A Millennials Perspective

    By netboots, on Aug 17, 2016

    [Source: California Republican Party News]

    August 17

    Government involves a lot of acronyms. CIA, FBI, DOD, EPA, FDA, FEMA, TSA, HIPAA—the list goes on. Our country even has its own acronym: USA. Here’s an important acronym you might not be familiar with: SCAQMD—also known as the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The South Coast Air Quality Management District helps manage the quality of the air in Southern California, but it also makes important decisions that have a direct effect on SoCal residents—so it matters who gets to make those decisions. 

    Weekly Wrap Up: love > illegally channeling excessive amounts of $$$ into @RepBera campaigns, Chad Mayes is the guy to know, and MORE!

    By netboots, on Aug 15, 2016

    [Source: California Republican Party News]

    CRP Staff | August 12, 2016

    We all know people who have done crazy things for love. However, until Babul Bera, we have never heard of someone who, according to the Sac Bee "engaged in his criminal conduct out of 'love for his son and the excitement for his campaign," and that he got 'too excited' and had 'no political agenda.' when he channeled illegally excessive amounts of money into the campaigns of Rep. Ami Bera…’ We are still having a hard time understanding this as a primary defense and will have to write more on it next week. #BRB

    CAGOP (last week’s) Weekly Wrap Up: We’re rooting for #TeamUSA, a look into the CA crystal ball (spoiler alert: bad news), and MORE!

    By netboots, on Aug 8, 2016

    [Source: California Republican Party News]

     CRP Staff | August 5, 2016

    National: We feel better heading into the weekend knowing that at least the State Dept folks are sleeping soundly because they didn’t really pay a $400 million ransom to Iran in the middle of the night- it just appears that way. Solid. We agree with the National Review’s summary of the entire situation; ‘Sometimes you just have to marvel at the way smart people can talk themselves into stupidity.’

    Weekly Wrap Up: Donald chooses MP for VP, @RepBera lets endorsement slip & San Diego has a #BetterWay!

    By netboots, on Jul 15, 2016

    [Source: California Republican Party News]

    National: Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential pick. Trump tweeted Thursday mid-morning ‘I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Governor Mike Pence as my Vice Presidential running mate.’ #TrumpPence?

    More bad news for Rep. Ami Bera — the Sac Bee tells us that he has been snubbed by the California Labor Federation, and has officially lost their endorsement this cycle. Bera needed all the help he could get in 2014 to sqeak across the finish line by fewer than 1500 votes. Now he will not have the financial or organizational support he needs in November as he continues to battle a campaign finance scandal that raises questions about his entire operation...

    #SwipeRight: We agree with The Press Enterprise — it is sort of like dating. The first step to winning local races is finding the right candidate to articulately deliver the CAGOP message to their community- at kitchen tables and in living rooms. Second, we love a strong local candidate with a solid life, work, and educational background that shares common values, interests, and experiences; who doesn’t? Candidates that fit this profile will continue to get elected locally. Like we said, it’s like Bumble, but for candidates.

    We loved the article in the Times of San Diego that talked about Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s ‘Politics of Inclusion.’ Mayor Faulconer continues to demonstrate that there is a #BetterWay — a way for Republicans to represent all Americans & it is taking hold right here in California. #Boss

    Yesterday, the people of California lost a great friend. Our hearts remain heavy as we mourn the loss of State Senator Sharon Runner. Our prayers go out to her husband George, her children, and grandchildren at this difficult time. Our Chairman, Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.) issued the following statement.

    CRP Statement on the Passing of State Senator Sharon Runner

    By netboots, on Jul 14, 2016

    [Source: California Republican Party News]

    Today, Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.) issued the following statement on the passing of Sharon Runner.